The podcasters

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Amy Glynn

Glynn has spent more than a decade as a Director of Financial Aid before she joined CampusLogic. She has dedicated her career to helping students access college and navigate the financial aid process. Glynn is frequently interviewed and published widely in higher education industry media, and is the founder of the Higher Ed Shift Podcast.
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Chris Chumley

Chumley has been specializing in product development, change management, and business process design in higher education for more than 20 years. He was part of the team that developed the industry's first cloud-based SIS. Under his leadership, CampusLogic created higher ed's only platform that drives Student Financial Success.
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Carlo Salerno

Salerno has more than 20 years as a higher education economist and analyst. He's done research for the federal government and national advocacy organizations, as well as co-founded an education analytics company. He is a frequent speaker and writer on matters related to college affordability, federal financial aid, and student loan policy.

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