Enrollment Acceleration

Generate a Pipeline of Diverse
Students Prepared to Enroll

Tap into enrollment solutions that remove the financial roadblocks keeping future graduates
from considering your school.

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Keep Students Enrolled Year After Year

Colleges and universities go to great lengths to attract a right-fit student body.
On-campus ball pits and water slides? Got it. Napping stations in the library? Of course.
In-dorm movie theatres? We’re listening.
We don’t know much about water slides, but we are funnel experts; specifically the
enrollment funnel. Our advanced platform of enrollment tools brings students into that
funnel and keeps financial barriers at bay from day one through graduation. We may not
have napping stations, but we like our odds, and so will you.
How We Fuel Your Pipeline
Engage Right-Fit Students Early

Engage Right-Fit Students Early

Smart communications meet students where they are, as early
as 9th grade.

Strengthen Enrollment Rates

Exceed your enrollment goals and usher in a more-informed
student body with the help of our proactive, personalized
communications platform.
Strengthen Enrollment Rates

Boost Retention

Pave a clear path all the way to graduation so students don’t
experience discouraging financial surprises that lead to
dropping out.

How Enrollment Acceleration Leads to Student
Financial Success

You want your institution to be the dream school for your dream students. Our enrollment tools
support schools so you can engage the students you want, earlier and more meaningfully.
Increase their knowledge about the financial aid journey with crystal clear communication and
give them the funding tools they need to stay enrolled. Dream students, meet dream school,
meet dream enrollment platform.

Every Student is Unique, As is Their
Financial Situation

Generate a pipeline of students that fit your recruiting goals and are ready
for the commitment of higher ed while helping them see how your school is
affordable to them. Build loyalty, nurture warm leads and motivate students
to see their potential with you beginning as early as 9th grade.
Reach Enrollment Goals With Ease
RaiseMe Icon

RaiseMe Enrollment

The precision engagement tool that gives early, sustained
access to financially prepare a more diverse class of students.
Help Students Rise
Clear Cost Icon


The personalized net price calculator that showcases
affordability with a more accurate analysis of costs for an
increased pipeline of informed students.
Gain Clarity
Sponsored Scholar Icon


The emergency funding solution for students at risk of
abandoning their degree.
Support Scholars

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