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The Smarter College Cost Calculator

Build trust and simplify the student journey with personalized calculations and calls to action.

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Students want simplicity, and they need accuracy.
ClearCost has both.

ClearCost is really good at math. It uses real-time data to make sure every calculation is as accurate as possible. And did we mention ClearCost is good at English, too? Jargon-free language gives students clarity into cost while an integration with a virtual assistant allows them to get their questions answered on the spot. (We call that A+ work.)
ClearCost Key Benefits
  • Annual automatic aid updates
  • NPC personalization tailors messaging to unique programs
  • Seamless CRM integration helps generate leads
  • Real-time conversation monitoring and live chat capabilities

What Results Can I Expect from

Expected Results 01

Boosted Enrollment

“We absolutely love the addition CampusLogic has been to our office. It has truly helped us become more efficient. We have been able to help more students in our fast-paced technological world because CampusLogic makes the tools more easily accessible.”

Jessica Casagni Financial Aid Counselor, Southern Utah University

Cost and Value Precision

“We have been impressed with the accuracy of the product, the ease of use, and the great data analytics we receive each month regarding users.”

Rick Shipman Executive Director of Financial Aid, Michigan State University

Expected Results 02

Inform Students of Your School’s Affordability with ClearCost

Director of Financial Aid, Steven Foster, discusses how Kettering University leverages ClearCost, a personalized net price calculator, to provide students with the information they need around college affordability.

ClearCost picks up the slack where net price
calculators fall short.

80% of net price calculators are inaccurate or out of date. That’s why ClearCost has automatic
annual aid updates to ensure your NPC is never behind the times.
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Create Efficiencies

A built-in content library helps students understand their role in
the financial aid journey and drives informed borrowing decisions.
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Enhance The Student Experience

ClearCost's embedded virtual assistant answers questions live, as
students and families work through the calculator.
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Solve for any "what if?" scenario

Estimate potential costs and funding sources for each student and
review estimates with them.

Bundle ClearCost to help chart
personal paths

Our products work magic individually, but they provide even more benefits
for you when you put them together. The Personal Paths plan pairs informed
student decision-making with a transparent and upfront affordability picture.

How This Plan Helps

  • Accurate financial information builds loyalty among students and families, starting in ninth grade.
  • RaiseMe helps engage and capture new prospective students.
  • Drive interest and commitment that promote completion by motivating good behaviors.
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What's Included in this Plan?

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RaiseMe Enrollment
Precise Student Recruiting and Engagement Solution
Clear Cost Icon
Personalized Net Price Calculator

ClearCost in Action

ClearCost Action
Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University and CampusLogic Collaborate to Drive Student Financial Success

StudentForms and ClearCost has streamlined the financial aid process.

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Help students work smarter (and more simply) by giving them
a net price calculator that does more than just total up numbers.

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