Getting You and Your Students Out
from Under Paperwork

Create frictionless enrollment and financial aid processes that are remarkably easy for your staff and students.

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Product Plans that Eliminate Your
Biggest Headaches

We’ve done the research and surveyed higher ed leaders to identify the top three pain
points they need help solving. Our product plans are strategically designed to work
cohesively to help ease your biggest frustrations and increase efficiencies.

Cut Through Complexity
The Problem

Over-reliance on complex, manual
processes and opaque communication

The Solution

Software that drastically reduces friction
and speeds up processes

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Unlock Every Dollar
The Problem

Financial barriers to enrollment and
completion seem insurmountable

The Solution

Software that helps students understand
their aid and get the funding they need

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Chart Personal Paths
The Problem

Students shut down when they don’t see
financial possibilities

The Solution

Software that shows students a financial
path to graduation

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Individual products for those looking
to design their own solutions

Looking to custom design your own solution or want to browse all financial aid
and enrollment software? No matter what you choose, all of our products easily
integrate with one another to create more efficient and impactful outcomes.
How Schools Benefit
Cycle times reduced by 80%. Less manual process means your staff has more time for one-on-one advising.
How Students Benefit
A simplified, mobile-friendly student portal allows them to quickly move through financial aid processes.
Streamline Processes
Key Features
  • Automate forms process
  • Secure document housing
  • Streamline verifications, appeals, and professional judgements
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
How Schools Benefit
Streamlined scholarship management means more awards given, more efficiently.
How Students Benefit
Students are intuitively matched to institutional and verified private scholarship opportunities.
Start Matching
Key Features
  • Eliminate search fatigue with intuitive scholarship matching
  • Increase application completion with automated follow up
  • Simplify decentralized scholarship management with configurable models and organizational structure
How Schools Benefit
Eliminate confusion and comprehension gaps that lead to high support costs and diminished student engagement.
How Students Benefit
Timely, personalized communications with guided next steps move students through the financial aid process seamlessly.
Get Connected
Key Features
  • Personalization and automated delivery of messaging
  • Clear, actionable engagements
  • Meaningful student engagement insights
  • Multi-media content designed to educate and guide students
How Schools Benefit
Intuitively answers the most common student questions so staff have more time for one-on-one advising.
How Students Benefit
24/7, multilingual access to personalized answers helps students when they need it, in a way that’s comfortable for them.
Personalize Conversations
Key Features
  • Instant translations to more than 60 languages
  • SIS and SSO integrations for highly personalized conversations enabled by AI
  • Automatic hand off to a live advisor for human counseling when needed
  • Proactive outreach via text message and email to nudge students through the financial aid process
How Schools Benefit
Decrease dropout rates by providing a lifeline to students for small, surprise costs.
How Students Benefit
Allows for an extra financial boost to cover surprise expenses. Students stay focused on academics and degree completion instead of how to make ends meet.
Support Scholars
Key Features
  • Chase Payment integration for easy money transfer
  • Guided, customizable and shareable funding campaigns
  • Alumni portal allows promotion of funding campaigns to your school’s network of potential donors
  • Administrative controls ensure compliance and alignments with financial aid policies and procedures
How Schools Benefit
Unlock prospective student data and increase engagement to better inform students of your school’s affordability.
How Students Benefit
A truly transparent snapshot of college costs helps students and families choose their right-fit school and better prepare.
Gain Clarity
Key Features
  • Customize the net price calculator to your institution
  • Integrate with your CRM to nurture leads
  • Tailor cost information to drive enrollment
  • Include chatbot and live chat functionality
  • Engage students and simulate calculations with advisor portal
How Schools Benefit
Find and nurture a more diverse pipeline of students to show them that your school is both attainable and affordable.
How Students Benefit
Start earning micro-scholarships towards college for achievements in high school that improve collegiate success.
Help Them Rise
Key Features
  • Engage with a more diverse student body
  • Create a pipeline of right-fit students who are college-ready
  • Personalized, long-term nurture boosts enrollment
Total Solution Plans

Maximize Effectiveness

Looking to achieve more with less? A lot less? We’ve designed total solution plans that come at
your biggest challenges from every angle. Don’t just simplify paperwork, streamline the entire
financial aid application process. Don’t just chat with your students online, have resourceful
conversations powered by AI. Don’t just get more students in the door, get them to graduation.
Find the plan that’s right for your institutional goals.

Cut Complexity Plan

Streamline College Financing Processes and
Reduce Friction

The Cut Complexity Plan helps provide more efficient financial aid processes for both your
students and your staff. Increase completions and streamline verifications, appeals, and professional
judgements with digital solutions, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure underserved students
have better access to personalized conversations.

Unlock Funding Plan

Lower Financial Barriers That Keep
Students From Enrolling and Graduating

The Unlock Funding Plan easily connects students to the funding they need, without confusion,
helping them keep their mind on academics instead of wondering how they’ll pay bills. Increase
financial aid literacy, match students with scholarships and connect digitally, 24/7.

Personal Paths Plan

Boost Enrollment and Keep Students on
Track Without Financial Stress

The Personal Paths Plan helps you keep all students on the road to a degree, especially
underrepresented students who need it most. Ensure they never miss an application deadline and
always have a lifeline when financial barriers feel insurmountable.

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