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RaiseMe Enrollment

The Precise Student Recruiting
and Engagement Solution

Curate your class with early, sustained access to a more diverse pool of students.

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Drive precise engagement that incentivizes students
to enroll in and graduate from your institution.

Schools need a hand connecting with students from every walk of life and a platform to engage those students early and often. RaiseMe Enrollment gives colleges and universities a meaningful way to bring students into their pipeline, and guide them towards enrollment. Students are incentivized to engage in college-readiness activities, share their achievements and start building a relationship with your school long before decision day. Enrollment is a breeze when RaiseMe Enrollment has the wind at your back.
RaiseMe Enrollment Key Benefits
  • Curate a diverse student body through a new channel with dynamic insights
  • Create personalized incentives to drive early, sustained engagement
  • Access and financially prepare more historically marginalized students for your pipeline

What Results Can I Expect From
RaiseMe Enrollment?

Expected Results 01

Increase Diversity

Using RaiseMe Enrollment, the University of Dayton exceeded
their diversity initiatives and welcomed record numbers of Pell
Grant-eligible students to their school.
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Engage Earlier

Metropolitan State University of Denver leveraged new ways
to target in-state students and engage transfer students earlier
to drive enrollment.
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Expected Results 02

Learn How RaiseMe Works

See how you can use RaiseMe to start earning college scholarships for the things you’re already doing in high school and community college, starting as early as 9th grade.

Drive diverse engagement to shape,
fill and grow your student pipeline.

RaiseMe Enrollment’s early look at merit-based aid drives student interest
while encouraging college-readiness behaviors.
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Showcase affordability

Leverage personalized engagements that highlight affordability
and speak to students' interests right now.
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Targeted class curation

Shape your incoming classes with targeted outreach to the
students you’re looking for.
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Meet moonshot enrollment goals

Drive connection with your school earlier and nurture students
based on real interests and financial aid insights.

Bundle RaiseMe Enrollment to
help chart personal paths

Our products work magic individually, but they provide even more benefits
for you when you put them together. The Personal Paths plan combines informed
student decision-making with a transparent and upfront affordability picture.

How This Plan Helps

  • Accurate financial information builds loyalty among students and families, starting in ninth grade.
  • RaiseMe Enrollment engages and captures a wider variety of prospective students.
  • Drive interest and commitment to promote completion with financial aid awareness.
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What’s Included In this Plan

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RaiseMe Enrollment
Precise Student Recruiting and Engagement Solution
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Personalized Net Price Calculator

RaiseMe Enrollment in Action

RaiseMe Action
Western Governors University

WGU Deploys RaiseMe to Help Transfer Students

RaiseMe, a software solution focused on expanding access to higher education—particularly among low-income and first-generation students—has announced its partnership with Western Governors University to expand access to higher education.

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Leverage micro-scholarships to fill your classes with
better-prepared students.

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