Bridges Student
Funding Gaps 24/7

Students are struggling to bridge small financial gaps that, for them, feel insurmountable. You want to help every student, but where do you turn when financial aid and scholarship dollars are exhausted? SponsoredScholar helps students write and use their personal stories to tap into a new world of funding options through their connections.

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Tuition Crowdfunding Bridges Student Funding Gaps

Unexpected higher ed expenses cause students to drop out–63% would have trouble getting $500 in cash/credit to meet unexpected expenses next month. SponsoredScholar is the only safe, reliable, and easy-to-scale tuition crowdfunding technology that leverages your institution’s brand to help students tap into their social networks.

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Create Efficiencies

75% of students have unmet financial need. With SponsoredScholar you’ll empower every student to run a personalized, easy-to-launch fundraising campaign that’s manageable—for them and for your institution. Here’s how:

  • Ensure your institution is up and running in hours with seamless plug-and-play interface
  • Eliminate manual fundraising by automating email and social outreach efforts for students
  • Drive efficient fund transfers with Chase Payments integration to your preferred bank account
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Drive Enrollment

Millions of students drop out every year due to financial difficulty—incurring debt without a degree. As little as $500 has been proven to influence where a student enrolls, and emergency grants are known to drive completion. SponsoredScholar opens up a whole new world of funding, driven by personal connections:

  • SponsoredScholar allows students to proactively and safely secure funds for their educational journeys, meaning they can stay in school without turning to less desirable funding solutions
  • Fewer institutional funds are needed to support students with financial needs when more external money is fundraised
  • Platform connection to institution establishes trustworthiness for students

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Students are struggling to bridge small financial need gaps that, for them, feel like insurmountable voids. SponsoredScholar helps students tap into a new world of funding.

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