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The College Funding Bridge

Community-based emergency funding closes small gaps that have a big impact.

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Help students leverage their networks to support retention goals

SponsoredScholar is smart. It knows that surprise costs —usually those under $500— drive students to abandon their higher ed journey. It also knows that a student’s support system is vital to degree completion. That’s why SponsoredScholar uses community-based emergency funding to help students cover those pesky pop-up expenses. Like we said, smart.
SponsoredScholar Key Benefits
  • Safe emergency funding, ready for institutional distribution
  • Step-by-step fundraising guide
  • Customizable student campaign template
  • Social media-enabled for expanded reach

What Results Can I Expect from

SponsoredScholar by CampusLogic

SponsoredScholar helps students write and use their
personal story to tap into a new world of funding through
their personal connections, filling the holes in financial aid.

Crowdfund with SponsoredScholar

SponsoredScholar is a student fundraising solution that
empowers students to raise money for their education.

The ROI of Saving Students - SponsoredScholar

When students leave college without a degree, they also leave missing tuition in their wake. SponsoredScholar enables schools to empower students to fundraise for their small outstanding bills.

Don’t let small costs become a big problem

38% of college students worry they won’t have enough money to last the semester.
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Anytime, anywhere student engagement

A mobile-optimized platform means students can secure funding
whenever — and wherever — they are.
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Leverage the power of their community

Templated campaigns empower students to collect hundreds,
sometimes thousands of dollars in a matter of days.
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Safely support your students

Utilize efficient fund transfers with Chase Payments, and deliver
safe emergency fund distribution.

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Start paving the way to Student Financial Success by bridging critical funding gaps.

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