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Build Student Engagement
and Reduce Melt

Clear communications guide students through financial aid processes
without confusion so they’re more likely to enroll and persist.

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Uncomplicate your students' enrollment and financial
journeys with clear, personalized engagements.

The scenic route. The path less traveled. The road to nowhere. But what’s the name for the complex, confusing financial aid journey millions of students take every year? We didn’t have time to give it a nickname, because we were busy creating the GPS that helps students cut right through it.
Clarifying engagements guide students seamlessly into their next steps. Jargon-free communications mean zero confusion about aid offers. Personalized, 24/7 messaging take students by the hand and leads them through financial aid completion. CampusCommunicator is the ultimate guide to get students on the right financial path with your school.
CampusCommunicator Benefits
  • Deliver targeted communications that build trust
  • Enable 24/7 engagement with digital and mobile messaging
  • Support staff with research-backed engagement packs that streamline outreach
  • Rely on smart automation that reduces manual tasks and saves time

What Results Can I Expect from

Expected Results 01

Communication Boom at Kutztown University; 90% Open Rate with Digital CampusCommunicator

Kutztown, part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, found what they were looking for in CampusCommunicator. Mobile and interactive, CampusCommunicator helps schools send out personalized, dynamic communications throughout the awards cycle. It gives students the information they need when they need it, right where they want it—on their mobile devices.
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Bucks County Ditches Three- to Four-Week Wait Time for Verifications; Down to Mere Days with CampusLogic Platform

With a variety of CampusLogic products onboard that integrated with their student information system, Colleague® by Ellucian, Bucks County was ready to get rid of cumbersome manual processes once and for all.
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Expected Results 02
Expected Results 03

Grand Valley State University Sees 60% Open Rate and a Significantly

For GVSU, CampusLogic’s advanced software supports two goals: Students get increased financial awareness, while staff time is freed up from answering frequently asked financial aid and enrollment questions. Now, financial aid pros can get back to personalized, 1-to-1 advising.
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Reduce confusion with clear, engaging

Schools using CampusCommunicator see, on average, a 42% reduction in student questions about
campus communications.
FAFSA Completion Icon

Create Efficiencies

Automated delivery reduces time spent on production and
FAFSA Completion Icon

Enhance Student Experience

Compelling communications streamline messaging and give
students a clear picture of their aid opportunities.
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Enable a self-guided student experience

Personalized communications mean every student can see a clear,
affordable path to a degree.

Integrate CampusCommunicator
to bring more power to your office

Cut Complexity Plan

Bundle CampusCommunicator to help cut
through complexity

Our products work magic on their own, and they provide even more benefits
when you put them together. The Cut Complexity Plan reduces manual
processes for staff while decreasing financial aid friction for students.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion rates by simplifying and digitizing your processes
  • Reduce administrative overhead and repetitive student questions with dynamic information
  • Personalized, virtual conversations ensure questions get answers, on demand
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What’s Included In this Plan

Student Forms Icon
Automated Financial Aid
VirtualAdvisor Icon
AI-Powered Advising Platform
Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool

Unlock Funding Plan

Bundle CampusCommunicator to help
unlock funding

Our products work magic individually, but they provide even more benefits
when you put them together. The Unlock Funding Plan increases aid utilization
for students while decreasing tedious, manual processes for staff.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion and understanding of available options
  • Guide students to tailored scholarships through an adaptive matching engine
  • Proactively inform students of key scholarship and aid information via text, online chat and email
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What’s Included In this Plan

Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool
Student Forms Icon
Streamlined Scholarship Management
VirtualAdvisor Icon
AI-Powered Advising Platform

CampusCommunicator in Action

CampusCommunicator Action

Bakersfield College Reimagines Student Communications with CampusCommunicator

With CampusCommunicator, Bakersfield provides students 24/7 access to everything they need to make informed borrowing decisions. A cloud-based multimedia platform, CampusCommunicator integrates text, video and email templates that can be customized to deliver personalized communication.

Get CampusCommunicator

Start engaging with students in a way that helps them see
a clear path to a degree without financial friction.

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