Third-Party Servicer FAQs

According to the U.S. Department of Education, a Third-Party Servicer is an individual, or a state, or a private, profit or non-profit organization that enters into a contract with an eligible institution to administer, through manual or automated processing, any aspect of the institution’s participation in any Title IV, HEA program.

An entity or individual that is not an employee of the institution that performs services and/or functions necessary:

  • For the institution to remain eligible to participate in the Title IV programs
  • To determine a student’s eligibility for Title IV funds
  • To account for Title IV funds
  • To deliver Title IV funds to students, or
  • To perform any other aspect of the administration of the Title IV programs regardless of whether the servicer is compensated for the functions or services performed on behalf of the institution.

Some of the services provided by CampusLogic may be classified as a third-party service.

Yes. You should update your Program Participation Agreement (PPA) to include CampusLogic as a Third-Party Servicer (TPS).

CampusLogic Servicer Information:

  • Legal Name: CampusLogic
  • Physical address: 1325 N Fiesta Blvd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85233
  • Phone Number: 602-643-1300
  • CEO Information: Gregg Scoresby, CEO,, 602-643-1350

An institution should obtain a signed Certification by Lower Tier Contractor form from CampusLogic. Contact for a copy.

Schools are required to update information regarding Third-Party Servicer data within 10 days of the date that:

  • The servicer changes its name;
  • The servicer changes the address or contact information for its primary location or additional location;
  • The servicer adds or terminates a contract with an eligible Title IV institution; or
  • The servicer buys, sells, or merges with another third-party servicer.

Please contact CampusLogic support at

Information About the Acquisition.

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