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The Anytime, Anywhere Virtual Assistant:
Data-driven conversations that personalize student communication.

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There are common questions and not-so-common. Can your chatbot answer all of them?

VirtualAdvisor is a data-driven conversation engine that personalizes answers to student questions, tag-teams with advisors to best support high-risk students and is so smart it can translate communications in more than 60 languages. Sayonara, traditional chatbots. Guten tag, VirtualAdvisor.
VirtualAdvisor Key Benefits
  • Guide students to degree completion with automated text and email outreach
  • Have data-driven chatbot conversations through seamless integration with your systems
  • Adapt in real-time to student needs with AI-driven sentiment analysis

What Results Can I Expect from

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Continuous Improvements

“CampusLogic has transformed our process! It is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop. The new chatbot feature has been a really cool tool that is allowing us to see the cyclic questions of our students and adjust accordingly.”

Tanja Rouse Financial Aid Counselor, Valdosta State University

True Staff Support

Central State University considers VirtualAdvisor to be another
staff member completing a critical function on their team.
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Comprehensive solutions
that drive success

“I must say that CampusLogic offers among the best and most comprehensive set of solutions for FAAs and our students. In my opinion, if looking for solutions, CampusLogic should always be considered”

Howard Leslie VP of Financial Aid Compliance, Berkeley College

More Than a Chatbot

Only 26% of students say their questions are answered by standard chatbot services.
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Create Efficiencies

Real-time analytics shows clear and compelling insights into
student sentiment and advising visibility.
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Answer Questions On-Demand

Student questions don’t stop when the aid office closes.
VirtualAdvisor runs 24/7, so you don’t have to.
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Support Every Student

Capable of fluently translating into more than 60 languages,
VirtualAdvisor was designed with every student in mind.

Integrate VirtualAdvisor
to bring more power to your office

Cut Complexity Plan

Bundle VirtualAdvisor to help cut
through complexity

Our products work magic on their own, and they provide even more benefits
when you put them together. The Cut Complexity Plan reduces manual
processes for staff while decreasing financial aid friction for students.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion rates by
    simplifying and digitizing your processes
  • Reduce administrative overhead and
    repetitive student questions with dynamic
  • Personalized, virtual conversations ensure
    questions get answers, on demand
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What’s Included In this Plan

Student Forms Icon
Automated Financial Aid
VirtualAdvisor Icon
AI-Powered Advising Platform
Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool

Unlock Funding Plan

Bundle VirtualAdvisor to help
unlock funding

Our products work magic individually, but they provide even more benefits
when you put them together. The Unlock Funding Plan increases aid utilization
for students while decreasing tedious, manual processes for staff.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion and understanding of available options
  • Guide students to tailored scholarships through an adaptive matching engine
  • Proactively inform students of key scholarship and aid information via text, online chat and email
See How They Work Together

What’s Included In this Plan

Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool
Student Forms Icon
Streamlined Scholarship Management
VirtualAdvisor Icon
AI-Powered Advising Platform

VirtualAdvisor in Action

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University System of Georgia

Driving conversations that count in the Peach State.

24-7 communications capabilities and conversations in more than 60 languages equipped the University System of Georgia with the tools they needed to reduce staff strain and help increase degree completion.

Get VirtualAdvisor

Create highly personalized, virtual conversations with students,
driven by AI and student data.

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