West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Brings Mobile, Paperless Student Financial Services System-Wide

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission selects CampusLogic to streamline student financial services

PHOENIX, AZ, February 28, 2019-CampusLogic-higher education’s leading student financial success platform-announced today its partnership with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC) to provide student-centric technology designed to streamline the entire student finance journey.

West Virginia’s four-year public higher education system includes 12 campuses that offer vast opportunities for a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Serving 65,063 students and employing 12,094, West Virginia’s four-year public higher education institutions reach every region of West Virginia. Providing quality and affordable education opportunities for West Virginians close to home, the WVHEPC positively impacts local communities and is moving the state’s economy forward.

Through the partnership, all schools within the WVHEPC system, as well as all West Virginia community, technical, and independent colleges, will have access to exclusive member pricing of CampusLogic’s AwardLetter™, StudentForms™, and CampusMetrics™ products, enabling them to take advantage of digital award letters, simplified aid verification, and insightful data and analytics.

“West Virginia is working to uphold a system that promises access to higher education for West Virginians, success through degree completion, and a lasting, positive impact on its economic future,” says Brian Weingart, Senior Director of Financial Aid and a member of the WVHEPC. “Technology that empowers students to get the answers they need, and continually move ahead in the financial aid process means success for West Virginia overall.”

With manual financial aid administration, managing such a high volume of information can backlog the financial aid office for days or even weeks-taking up critical time which could otherwise be used to provide support and advising to the students who need it most. Technology plays a critical role in transforming student financial services by freeing up time for financial aid advisors and making the entire student financial services process easy and accessible for students.

“The goals and values the Commission and CampusLogic share couldn’t be more aligned,” says Daniel Gonzales, Regional Director for CampusLogic in West Virginia. “Helping the WVHEPC and schools across the entire state increase access to education, reduce student borrowing system-wide, and drive completion goes to the heart of our mission: to help schools change lives.”