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Complex processes are causing students to get lost in the financial success journey, often dropping out or overborrowing. CampusLogic’s award-winning platform transforms the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid with the first—and only—unified platform that simplifies student financial success, so more students can get through the door and into the classroom.

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A self-guided journey moves students quickly, easily, and more confidently through the student financial success with autonomy—leaving you with more time to do what you love most: meaningful work with students.



Mobile experiences empower 24/7 access to important documents right from students’ phones. That means fewer students in line at your office, reduced call volume, and easy to predict workloads.



With all the data available, generic approaches to student financial success don’t fly with today’s students. Students expect relevant messages, tailored to their unique needs, guiding them to the next step in the journey.

Create Efficiencies

Create Efficiencies

Through automated text alerts and emails, your office reduces the need for manual work, so you can spend more time helping change students’ lives.

Enhance Experience

Enhance Student Experience

Navigating the student financial success journey is confusing and overwhelming for students. Make every student interaction easy, mobile, and personalized to seamlessly guide students to the next step in the process.

Drive Enrollment

Drive Enrollment

Break down time-consuming and iterative processes that create barriers for students, so you can drive conversion at critical points, like during financial aid.

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Award Letter


Students are lost in complex student financial success communications. The terms in financial aid notifications, debt letters, and scholarship notices can be so confusing that nearly 3 million students drop out of school every year for reasons related to finances. With CampusCommunicator you will:

  • Increase enrollment by clearly communicating financial aid information to students
  • Simplify student financial success communications through automated emails and text alerts
  • Personalize communications with explainer video content that boosts your brand and your student experience
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Student Forms


Overwhelmed with manual processes, long lines in the office, and heavy call volumes, your resources are spent answering basic financial literacy questions, leaving the more important questions unanswered.

  • Automate student financial success processes for staff and students
  • Guide students through the SFS process with pre-populated fields and clear next steps
  • Send personalized outreach and communications that resonate with students
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Campus Metrics


Prospective students are falling out of the financial success journey for reasons you’ll never know about without analyzing data.

  • Improve efficiencies with instant access to financial aid data and trends anytime
  • Identify gaps in your processes with easy to understand visualizations that let you take action and make improvements in target areas
  • See year-over-year improvements in your processes to see if strategies are successful
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Product Parent Clear Cost
Clear Cost


Prospective students are begging for simplicity. They can’t figure out how much school costs—and that confusion leads them to the competitor with the clearest path.

  • Get students enrolled with clear cost info, tailored to your unique programs
  • Deliver mobile and accurate net price estimates, the way students want it
  • Personalize your NPC with school-branded messaging and clear next steps
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The first and only full student financial success platform is here! Enhance your student experince and decrease cycle times. See for yourself!

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